Earlier this week, I attended the funeral of a good friend's father. As funerals tend to do, this one caused me to wax philosophical for a bit and reminded me the importance of showing appreciation for the people in my life while they are still with me. So now seemed like a good time to show appreciation for my readers by improving the reading experience here at Perfecting Your Prose. So in link love posts, I am adding categories to break up the text the way I do with subheadings in regular posts. This should increase readability and make it easier for you to skim for topics of interest.

Obviously the topics will vary according to the articles I select each week, and today's posts are divided between business and creative writing.

Freelance Writing
Writing & Editing Look Easy on the Computer: When I tell people I'm an editor, I get frustrated when they dismiss it as easy or equate it with reading. And while I love reading, anyone who knows anything about editing knows there's more to it than just reading. Anyway, Anne Wayman at About Freelance Writing echoes some of that frustration in this article.

Creating Clips as a NEW Freelance Writer: So you've just launched your freelance writing business and you're ready to take on clients. But customers want to see writing samples, and you have none. Jacob Duchaine offers some potential solutions to this dilemma. 

Fiction Writing
Writing Action Scenes: Do you love writing long, poetic descriptions? Or perhaps your strength is dialogue. How do you handle fight scenes? For those writing any kind of fiction that requires action sequences, Amy Rose Davis at Fantasy Faction makes some excellent points to keep in mind as you write.

Pride and Prejudice and the Three Movements in Every Love Story: While not all of us write romance, the protagonist in many novels will have a love interest. So if you've considered writing a story with romantic elements, Joe Bunting at The Write Practice emphasizes the formula that has gone into so many great love and friendship stories.

So let me know if this improves the link love experience. Also, take some time to appreciate those important to you, especially with Valentine's Day just a few days away.

As always, have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.