Does anyone else find it ironic that a Friday the 13th just happened to come in the middle of April? No further comment. You're free to draw your own conclusions. Anyway, I hope everyone managed to bounce back from the holiday. If you had children home for spring break as my sister did, that may have affected writing productivity. But anyway, whether your week was quiet or hectic, this week's link love articles should get you back into the writing spirit.

The Systematic Blogger's Manifesto: Have you ever wondered why people call monetizing one's blog “passive income”? Residual perhaps, but an active blog requires frequent attention, which isn't necessarily passive. This guest post at ProBlogger points out the necessity for aiming for systematic income rather than passive income.

Fiction Writing
How to Use Mental Illness in Your Writing: Like religion, here is another sensitive topic addressed at Fantasy Faction. While attitudes toward mental illness are more open in some circles, it is a topic that can be effective or disastrous to a story depending on how you handle it. Do your research. This article covers some other helpful suggestions to keep in mind.

The Importance of Setting by F.M. Meredith: I've realized my own weakness in this area and am working on it. But I didn't grasp its importance until I edited a client novel that seemed to take place in a vacuum. Setting can indeed add a richness to a story, whether it's real or fictional, but lack of one can make what happened where and when a bit confusing. This article at Savvy Authors elaborates on this.

Domain Names: Author or Book-Based?: Jennifer Mattern: I don't think anyone would consider trying to market a book without an author website, or at the very least, a blog. However, this article raises some compelling reasons for not running not only an author website, but one for a book or series as well.

Have a great weekend!