Is it really Friday already? It seems like just yesterday it was Monday morning and I was putting some finishing touches on an edit before returning it to the client. Time flies when you're busy. Suddenly each day seems to blur, and before I know it, hubby's asking about dinner. Ah, the joys of getting a business started. Hopefully everyone's had a good productive week.

Link love is practice I've always appreciated because it forces me to come out of my world and see what other people are doing. It's quite refreshing, and I always learn something from it. Besides avid readers always love to share what they've read, or at least, I do.

This week is a mixed bag with varying themes: writing, marketing, everyday business, etc. My interests are eclectic, so these lists will be as well. The only thing is common here, other than great posts, is the numbers in each of the titles.

Follow My Lead – 6 Tips To Help You Write Leads That Grab Attention: I've often wondered how many otherwise good books go unread because the opening fell flat. The same can be said for articles, blogs, and any other media. Lori Myers addresses this issue with some great tips in Anne Wayman's blog.

Why You Should Write 20 Posts Before You Launch Your Blog: This one is a guest post at ProBlogger Aman Basanti, and it is excellent advice. Admittedly, I didn't do this. While I like to write a few in advance so I still have content during busy work times, I don't have twenty in reserve. Twenty may be a bit much, but at least ten makes sense. Something to think about. 

3 Questions to ask yourself Before Pitching a Small Business: In this marketing post, Chris Bibey discusses three things to keep in mind when pitching services to a small business, including knowing the industry and understanding the company's needs. 

14 Reasons Why I Didn’t Respond to Your Email Five Minutes After You Sent It: This has to be one of my favorite blog posts I've read in quite a while. It isn't directly related to writing or editing but is definitely a home run for busy freelancers and those of us in business. I don't need to explain. The title says it all. Ever recognize a name and feel your hand twitch aching to delete that message? Enough said. Thanks, Deb! 

Happy Friday, everyone!