Cead mile failte! Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, so whether you're Irish or not, I hope you'll be enjoying the day. Luckily, I've reached you before you started celebrating (well, most of you anyway). So while I may not be able to give you that coveted pot of gold, I can share some highlights from the blogosphere. This week's link love favors blogging, although I encourage you to read the other articles as well, especially the gem from Copyblogger.

How to be a Blogger in 30 Days or Less: I found this on Twitter. Writer Tank offers advice to new bloggers and makes some wonderful points, especially about lightly monetizing early on. I just wish I could have found a post like this when I was starting out with that Blogger blog that has long been deleted out of sheer humiliation. 

10 Types of Killer Filler Content for Your Blog: We all know it's hard to come up with great blog posts on a regular basis. Even when you have plenty of ideas, time is often an issue. So some shorter pieces to offer readers between longer posts can help, especially during crunch time. Darren Rowse offers some great ideas for “filler” content that readers will love.

3 Blogging Rules You Should Break: Sometimes the old blogging rules don't work for a post, but that doesn't mean the article will be ineffective. This guest post at ProBlogger discusses when breaking the rules may not only be acceptable, but encouraged. 

The Ultimate Guide to Publishing Your eBook on Amazon's Kindle Platform: If you're thinking about publishing an ebook on Amazon's Kindle platform, read this. Even if you aren't, read it anyway and bookmark it. You may change your mind in the near future. And Paul Jun at Copyblogger spells it out in a step-by-step format for those new to the process. It's an excellent resource.

Writing: General
Perfection? Forgetaboutit: This concise post on About Freelance Writing can apply to any writing genre. By all means, rewrite, revise, and edit your work, but nobody's perfect. At some point you need to put your work out there for clients, the public, or both unless you want to continue only writing for yourself.

Have a great weekend and Happy St. Patrick's Day!