I hope the first Friday of the second month in 2012 finds you well. Since I'm having yet another busy week with a deadline looming in a few days, I'll keep yet another link love post brief so we all can get back to our work and possibly take some time to enjoy the weekend.

Once again, also, there isn't really theme, but I think this week's mixed bag will cover enough ground to touch on a broad spectrum of interests. We have one about motivation, one about blogging, and two on fiction writing.

Procrastination: Understanding & Overcoming: There have been days when I have needed this one just as much as anyone else. In this great post at the Writer Tank blog, Jacob Duchaine explains some of the reasons writers procrastinate and how to set up a reward system to overcome it. 

Why Kissing a Digital Baby is Better than Back-scratching a Super-famous Blogger: While I don't do this often, with this article, I decided almost immediately after seeing the title that I wanted to include it. But as it turned out, the article offered some excellent points, so the decision was justified. In this post, Shamelle Perera, in a guest post on ProBlogger, points out reasons we should support the rising talent (“newbie” bloggers) since they are likely to become loyal followers.

Talking back: 5 dialogue do's: As a change of pace, I chose this article by David Galef from The Writer Magazine's The Fiction Workshop column. This piece offers five excellent tips for keeping readers hanging on your characters' words.

Violence and Gore in Fantasy: Anymore, it seems link love wouldn't be complete without without an article from Fantasy Faction. And this one by Amy Rose Davis gives us some food for thought about violence and gore in fantasy writing, reminding us to consider issues such as audience, context, accuracy, etc.

So on that note, I wish you a happy Friday and a fun, relaxing weekend.