Is it really March already? Normally I'm marveling at how quickly the weeks go by, but now, we're looking at a new month, which means another fresh start. And spring, at least in some parts of the country, is on its way (okay, this is Ohio—no guarantees). So hopefully you'll be able to rest this weekend and return refreshed next week (unless, like me, you have a deadline approaching). But first we have Friday to conquer. So let's see what the web has to offer us today.

What You Can Do Today To Secure Your Future: This article at All Freelance Writing covers a business aspect of freelancing that beginners aren't often prepared for, planning for the future past just paying this month's bills. Remember these tips as you create your budget.

Creative Writing
How to Be Creative When Busy: This is a great post because its timing is perfect. I seem find myself busy a lot lately, especially with deadlines, invoicing, blogging, etc. While this is fine, it takes a lot of time from my creative work, and this post offers some great ideas that will help incorporate a bit of writing time when I'm doing things that have nothing to do with editing or writing.

Fiction Writing
Creating God: Religion in Fantasy, part 3: Here in this third of post in the Fantasy Faction series about religion in fantasy, Amy Rose Davis discusses science, magic, and religion in fantasy, and the extent they will overlap in the worlds you create, and how what your characters believe about them affect the story.

5 REALLY BASIC Ways to Help Your Book Succeed: Once again, Jacob Duchaine offers some great marketing advice, this time, for books in this Writer Tank blog post. This post is meant for self-published authors, but even those working with small publishers with limited marketing budgets can learn from something here. Ultimately, the author must sell the book, and these tips, especially about building hype and making use of social media, are indispensable.

Have a productive Friday and a wonderful weekend!

The final Friday in February, this month seems to have gone by in a flash. And this end of the workweek finds me up to my ears in work. That's better than the alternative. So how has this week treated you? And what about this month? Has February been better than January?

As usual, I've found some great articles for you, and with the headings I've added, you can skim the topics and see what you like (seriously wondering why I didn't think of this earlier) rather than reading a preliminary summary.

Content Writing
Content Writing Can Be Real Writing: Ann Wayman, guest posting at Get Paid to Write Online, breaks down the history of web content and why those who write it are still not considered “real writers” in some circles. And there is some truth to it. A lot of the copy on the web is still fairly bad, but there are writers who get paid well for what they do and produce quality content. 

Fiction Writing
Creating God: Religion in Fantasy, part 2: Since I mentioned part 1 of this series at Fantasy Faction last week, it seems only natural to include a link to the second part today. Here Amy Rose Davis continues the series by looking at faith in the fantasy on both a grand and personal scale.

Zealotry in Fiction: This, not surprisingly, is another Fantasy Faction post. While not part of the Creating God series, it clearly goes well with it. Hence, this article by Tegan Beechey can add further points to consider as you create your fantasy world, with religions and their followers (and zealots). 

Literary Agent
13 Ways to Impress an Agent: If you're looking to publish your work with a big publishing house, you will need to know how to impress a literary agent. Luckily, Rachelle Gardner tells you how to to do just that in her article here (along with the obvious, which is to have a great book). 

7 Ways To Turn Visitors Into Fans: Your author web page is set up, and you've even managed to generate some traffic. Now what? This post from Writer's Relief tells you how to make your website more interactive to turn followers into fans.

Have a wonderful, productive Friday and a great weekend!

Ever had an assignment that really burned you out? I just wrapped up one of those. It wasn't particularly long, just intense. I hope your week has been better. Anyway, I'm relishing my blogging time and thoroughly enjoyed picking out these articles for you, so hopefully you'll find something you can .

7 Powerful Ways to End Your Next Blog Post: You've probably read before that the headline and opening line of your blog posts are paramount to arousing your readers' interest. However, as Ali Luke's guest post at ProBlogger reminds us, the way you end your post is important too since that's what keeps your audience coming back. So check out these ways to end your blog posts in an engaging way. 

Fiction Writing
Creating God: Religion in Fantasy, part 1: While I tend to stay away from this topic in a business blog, writing fantasy definitely offers more breathing room in terms of religion. In this first part of a series of posts on religion in fantasy, Amy Rose Davis at Fantasy Faction discusses some of the things that should be included if you intend to create a religion for your fantasy world.

The One Thing All Great Love Stories Have In Common—And What It Means To Your Writing: Ah, love, how could I possibly end a link love post during the week of Valentine's Day without it? In this case the title of this article from Writer's Relief speaks for itself. There's one element your love story cannot go without, but there are others that help bring it to life. 

Freelance Writers: How to Make Time for Marketing: I know I've said it before, especially in the past few weeks. I don't have time for marketing. Of course, it's easy to overlook marketing when the work schedule is busy. But what do you do when things slow down? Chris Bibey, in this concise post at All Freelance Writing, gives tips on how to make time for it along with a few reasons why.

That wraps up link love for this week, and I wish all of you a wonderful weekend.

So who's working on President's Day? Actually, if you're freelancing, the question would be: who isn't working?