Could it be another TGIF? Absolutely. Hopefully, everyone's had a good productive week despite the distraction of, well, Tuesday. Need I say more? If you live in the United States, you know what I mean. Since I have a lot of work on my plate today, I'm going to keep this brief, but I have another good batch of articles for you. So I'll leave you to these other fine writers.

The Most Important Skill for Long-Term Blogging Success: This guest post at ProBlogger reminds us of the skill required above all others for blogging—the same one necessary for all other writing disciplines—creativity. And it goes on to illustrate how it can be applied in different niches. Anyone looking to maintain a blog in the long term should read this post.

Fiction Writing
Show Don't Tell by Michelle Miles: If you write fiction or creative nonfiction, you've heard it before: show, don't tell.” In this post at Savvy Authors, Michelle Miles not only tells us this, but she shows it with examples from her own work. 

North Carolina Novelist Andy Holloman Talks about Twitter: Are you on Twitter? According to author Andy Holloman, you should be. This article at Writers of the Triangle discusses how writers can use Twitter for marketing and networking with other writers.

Open Mike Night: Ten Tips For Reading Your Writing In Public: Do you get stage fright? Does the thought of reading your work in public terrify you? You're not alone. I love attending readings but find the thought of being on stage somewhat intimidating. So here are some tips for when you finally step out to read your writing to an audience.

That will be all for today. Have a great Friday and, of course, a wonderful weekend!