I know this is unrelated, but with Mother's Day being this Sunday, I would like to wish any of my readers who are moms a happy Mother's Day. I hope you've had a good week leading up to it, and so you can finish your work today and enjoy a weekend of leisure, I'll keep this brief. Here is what the blogosphere has for us writers this week:

How to REALLY Follow Your Passion to the Bank: The $100 Startup Model: This guest post on ProBlogger is by Chris Guillebeau, the author of The $100 Startup, a book I've been hearing quite a bit about lately. This post talks about turning your passion into profit. This is a must read for the aspiring problogger or anyone looking to earn a living online.

Fiction Writing
Arsenic and Old Leaves: The Art of Poisoning Your Fantasy Characters: Parts 1 and 2: Are you writing a medieval fantasy novel or a historical fiction story set in the Middle Ages (particularly Europe)? Does your protagonist need to—ahem—eliminate someone? If so, these two articles offer some helpful tips for poisons you can use, on characters, of course.

Literary Devices: Motif: In this article, Amy Rose Davis discusses motifs in writing, including how they have been used successfully and how you can use them effectively. Examples of symbols, structural elements, and imagery will no doubt help generate ideas for how you can apply them in your stories. But like any other literary device, you should vary them and not overuse them.

Which Self-Publishing Is Right for YOU?: If you are considering self-publishing, take a look at this concise article that breaks down different self-publishing methods, from handling the entire process as a business to using inexpensive or free services. Whatever you choose, be sure to research all of your options first.

Happy writing and have a wonderful weekend!


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